There are many applications for photo editing today, but when you try to remove or change the background in them, then you get confused because of its bad interface, then in this blog basically you will be told some simple ways from where You will be able to easily change and remove the background of photos.

how to change background of photo

If someone tells you that anyway 2021 image NS background By erasing it in just 10 seconds and hd background Would you believe it can be downloaded.

You heard it right, we are like this here online background eraser tool Talking about which in just under 10 seconds By erasing the background of any photo and him hd Can be downloaded in quality.

Not only this, after erasing the background of the photo, you can see many different types in that photo. background design You can also install it from this site.

If you want, you can download the photo without background by erasing the background of the photo or else there are many types of gardens, gardens, river ponds. banner background You can set background.

how to erase background

first you You have to visit this site, here you will get an option to upload image.

Photo Ka Background Kaise Badle

how to change background of photo

You have to click above the upload image, as soon as you click, wherever the photo is kept in your mobile or computer. background erase Or to change it, we will select that photo.

As soon as that photo is selected, that photo will be uploaded on this site and with uploading, the background of that photo will disappear within one to 5 seconds.

want your photo white background, black background hd gonna be single color Whether or not to say multiple color means you have taken a photo standing behind a single color curtain or its background gets deleted very easily here in the garden.

Above background erased photo will be seen and below your original photo will be seen below it will have download option and below that the size of your photo will be given and below that will be edit button.

background erase kaise kare

If you want, you can download the background erased photo by clicking above download and if you want, you can set different types of background available on this site in the photo with erased background by clicking above edit.

If you click above download, then the photo without background will be saved in your phone or computer, but when you click on edit, the photo without background will appear above and different types of backgrounds will be seen below.

background erase kaise kare

Now you will be clicking on different types of backgrounds here and the photo without background above will be set in that clicked background.

Here you will find many different backgrounds, which you can fit in your background erased photo.

After fitting whatever background you like in your photo, you will get a small download button in the top right side, by clicking on it, you will be able to save that photo in your phone.

If you want to see a video on this topic, then watch the video below.

So in this way, you can change and erase the background of any of your photos in just 10 seconds on this website, but if you want to erase the background of your photo in any application, then you have to play an application for this. Must download from store.

background changing app

First of all, you have to download the application named eraser from the play store, when you search by typing this name on the play store, then that application will appear at the top.

When you download and open this application, its interface will look something like the picture given below

Here you will see an option load a photo, click on it and after clicking it will take you to your phone’s storage, from there you will click on the background of the photo you want to erase.

Your that photo as soon as you click on the photo background eraser app will be uploaded on And here you can crop the unnecessary background of the photo, then click on Done in the top right side.

Click on Done, the screen will change and it will take that photo of yours to another screen and here you will see that photo in the middle and many types of tools will be seen in the bottom side. The first tool in this is auto tool.

how to erase background with auto tool

With the help of these tools, you will be able to delete the background of your photo, first of all, by clicking on the top of the tool auto and clicking on the background of the photo, the entire background will disappear in one go.

But the auto tool will not work in all types of backgrounds when your background is of the same color, then only you background eraser app With the help of this, you will be able to erase the background. The second tool is the magic tool.

how to change background of photo with magic tool

This tool also works like auto tool, but if you click on any place in the background of your photo, then it will delete that type of background as far as it is, then you will have to click again on another type of background. .

So in such a situation, whatever kind of background is there in your photo, you have to erase the background by clicking as many times. After this there is a third tool, manual tool.

How to remove background with manual tool

With the manual tool, you can erase any kind of background because here it is removed by holding hands and gradually rubbing in the background area, so it takes a little more time.

For the background to be deleted well, you can enlarge the photo by dragging it with both fingers and zooming so that even the smallest part can be deleted. After this the next tool is the Repair Tool.

With the help of this tool, you can bring back the background that was deleted by mistake, just as you removed the worn background with the help of manual tool, in the same way you can bring back the background that was deleted with this tool Huh.

when you feel that Background eraser app If the background of your photo has been completely erased, then to save it in your phone, click on done in the top right side and then click on save and then click on finish.

After doing this, the photo with the background you erased will be saved in your phone, then you can move it to another application and change its background.

Last words

So in this article we learned that how can you remove the background of photos, as well as how you can change it, hope this blog must have been helpful for you, but if you have any question regarding it then you can definitely comment on the comment section.

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